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      Pen for the moment disregarded what followed. She had to stop and think, she would have said, but as a matter of fact she was incapable of thinking. She was conscious only of a dull horror that numbed her faculties. She had not yet taken it in. Outwardly she was quite composed. With the palm of her hand she thoughtfully polished a dull spot on the velvety surface of the table.

      "Who is she?" he asked, as if Pen were not present.

      "Then you're satisfied that I was right, aren't you?" asked Pen."Please excuse me to-day."

      "I have only a suspicion. We must follow it out together.""I suspect it was Ernest Riever."

      An old skiff had been dragged up on top of the bank and turned over.


      The girl took three steps to a counter where there was a salesgirl disengaged. "What's the biggest hotel here next to the Bellevue?" she asked.


      Pen saw that she would win her more securely by appealing to her sense of romance. She began: "That young man who had lunch and dinner with us..."


      And we'll hurl the rebel crew from the land we love the best,Si's Challenge 90